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The Subtle Activist Training:

Learn how to harness the power of group synergy for personal and collective transformation

with SAN Founder David T. Nicol

New Live 7 week online course starts April 12


* Discover new possibilities for leveraging your spiritual capacities for deeply meaningful collective impact

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* Connect with a community of like-minded pioneers at the ground level of an emerging planetary movement

* Build a coherent group field that is harnessed for transmuting collective realities

* Make a quantum leap in your spiritual evolution beyond self-concern

During the 7-Session Subtle Activist Training, David will introduce you to the fundamental ideas and skill sets needed to engage effectively in the practice of subtle activism. You’ll discover how linking your personal spiritual practice to collective transformation can be a crucial step that charges your spiritual life with purpose and helps you let go of the obsession with self. You’ll learn about the science and theories underlying subtle activism and the critical role this emerging force can play at a pivotal moment in the evolution of consciousness on our planet. You’ll also get connected to the fast-growing global subtle activism movement and be able to find your way to plug into this emerging planetary force.

Most of all, you’ll participate in co-creating a potent group field that will serve as the primary vehicle for our subtle activism work. In each session, you will take part in a short guided meditation to help build the subtle body of our group field. You will also engage with a profound group subtle activism practice (known as Gaiafield Synergy) that will target a number of real-world situations calling for our attention.

Between sessions, you’ll be invited to continue to help build our group field through a simple daily resonance-building practice, supported by text and/or email reminders with links to audio/visual meditative supports. Each session will build upon the last, so that you will become more and more deeply embedded in a supportive group body.

When you join this groundbreaking training, you’ll learn:

The latest in scientific theories and research that explain how and why subtle activism may work — including such phenomena as morphogenetic fields and psi research

The potentially crucial role subtle activism can play to support humanity through our collective initiatory crisis

Creative practices for co-creating the ‘subtle body’ of a group

How to develop your capacities of subtle perception

Practical skills for building group synergy that can be applied to any conscious organization

Specific practices for self-protection, safety, clearing and grounding — which are especially important for dealing with larger traumas in the collective

The ethics of engaging on subtle dimensions for the collective

The 3 keys to building collective intelligence in groups

us flagSpecial Training Focus ~ WiseUSA: WeThePeople

Regardless of where we live on the planet, the outcome of the US elections is likely to affect us all, given the influence of the U.S. on world affairs. This year, it is very evident that extreme elements are at play in the U.S. political environment. We will bring a special focus in this Training to the collective field of the USA, with the intention of calling forth the highest potentials of the nation for the benefit of all life.

Here’s what you’ll receive:

Seven 90 minute class sessions with David T. Nicol

Seven audio recordings of class sessions in high quality mp3 format — that way, you don’t have to worry about missing a session as you can listen anytime

Seven 30 minute interactive group sessions — following each class session you will have the option to participate in small breakout groups of 3 people

Online community — you will have access to a private FB group to support discussions between classes

Daily Resonance Practice — we will continue to build resonance between sessions through synchronized daily meditations, delivered via email and/or text through the 1BODy initiative.

What Others Have Said….

I have found a home for my heart in this practice of Subtle Activism. The blending of spirit and social justice, of shamanic and political action, is just what I have been seeking, within a community of support via the group field that we are generating and strengthening through this practice. David provides clear, thoughtful, responsive and expansive guidance. Although remaining unattached to outcomes, we have experienced synchronistic transformations in areas where we have focused our intentions and practice: it seems so nourishing to offer this to our beleaguered and blessed world – this is exciting work!
Margaret Fernald

At this time in the world, Subtle Activism is a critically important activity and approach to positively impact the course of our future.  It is a great pleasure to engage in Subtle Activism work with David Nicol.  David has written the definitive book on this subject-a very clear and well-written treatment!  He is also an excellent teacher and visionary leader, and his guided meditations and visualizations are quite powerful.  I feel privileged to have taken two courses on Subtle Activism from David, and recommend him highly.  

Janet Walden

I am very grateful to David Nicol and his Subtle Activism Course. This came along just at the moment that I needed to strengthen my resolve to participate and support collective transformation through the use of guided meditation and intention. Through his book “Subtle Activism”, David has given a name, a focus, and provided the much needed scientifc evidence to that process that so many of us have been involved in. Leading our training with his eloquence in our weekly meditations, and by “connecting” for 3 minutes on a daily basis, he has taken the group to form and develop a “group field”. This group field is strengthened to become almost tangible in its energetic connection and is a constant reminder that we are not alone, that there are many like-minded individuals committed to working for the common good with an intention. This takes us from a limited egoic sense to the magnificence, to the joy, to the love that takes place in the collective.  I highly recommend this course to anyone who is seeking an active yet subtle way to participate in service to the greater good.

Patricia Edelen Powers


Click here to listen to a talk by David T. Nicol about the Group Subtle Body Building process, one of the core technologies used in the training. This talk includes a guided meditation that demonstrates this method.


Click here for the recording of a Q&A webinar about the Training, held April 5. The call includes a subtle activism practice to elevate the consciousness of the USA.

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