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If you’ve been on a spiritual path for some time, you’ve probably come across the concept of the ‘subtle body’. This concept typically refers to the existence of various non-physical layers of energy that underlie the physical body. These layers are commonly associated with subtle centers of energy, such as the chakra system. Recently, a method for developing the subtle body of a group has emerged organically in my work on subtle activism. It has now become one of the core technologies I use in my classes on subtle activism.

Our early results with this method have been remarkable.  Building the subtle body of a group seems to lead to very deep levels of sustained coherence, heightened creativity, and seamless group functioning. The collective field develops an almost magnetic quality, becoming a source of profound support for personal awakening and a supercharged vehicle for social or collective healing.

Meta Slider - HTML Overlay - 24544704_l copyIf you’d like to learn more about this approach, please join me at 5pm US Pacific on Tuesday March 29 for a free one hour webinar entitled Group Subtle Body Building Process: A New Approach to Personal, Group, and Planetary Awakening.

On this call you will:

  • Learn how this method emerged
  • Discover its potentials for personal, organizational, and collective transformation
  • Understand why this practice embodies the evolution in contemporary spirituality toward ‘we-practices’ that focus on the intersubjective field
  • Engage in a practice that will enable you to experience this method firsthand

I will also share details on this call about our upcoming Subtle Activist Training, a 7-week online program that begins Tuesday April 12.  In that training, we will use the group subtle body building process to create a deeply coherent group field, which we will then apply to places or situations in the world that call for our focused attention.

To register for this free event, click the button below.

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